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“The Cove”

Priced to sell $237,000 

Beautiful turnkey home nestled at the base of the San Jacinto mountains in the quiet, very desirable community called “The Cove”. This home is well maintained and clean inside and out! The kitchen features granite countertops and an open floorplan that leads into the living room. The front and backyard are fully landscaped with water wise plants and rockscape. All 4 of the bedrooms are located upstairs. Good sized master bedroom and bath with walk in closet. The community offers two private, gated parks for residents only. Great veiws of the mountains and a great location off of Warren Rd. close to Dominagoni Parkway and the 79. Minutes away from schools and shopping.

Please contact Miguel Aguilar at 951-634-8843 or



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Real Estate Agents: Are You Earning 100% Commission?

Are you a licensed sales agent? If yes, are you earning 100% of the commission you’re generating from your real estate transactions? No, why not? Well let me tell you that100% Commission Realty World Agents you can! Even better you don’t have to be a broker to do so. So you’re probably wondering what the catch is, right?

In the current real estate market it is common to find agents earning between 70-80% of the commission earned per transaction and top producers are usually earning at or around 90% commission split, while the broker receives the rest. Ironically, this usually doesn’t include the customary 8% franchise fee along with all of the other junk fees that brokers tend to throw into the mix.

At Realty World in Murrieta this is absolutely not the case! In fact, at Realty World in Murrieta you will find a pure 100% commission structure. For a measly $299 per month you get to keep 100% of the commission you earn from your real estate sales transactions. I believe your worth it, so if you generate a 6% commission you keep it all. All you have to pay is your E & O insurance, which is only $130 per transaction or $1200 for the entire year. Isn’t it time you get paid what your worth?

So for $299 per month you get:

  • 100% commission
  • In-house transaction coordinator
  • In-house lender
  • Lifetime Income
  • Relocation Services
  • E-Academy
  • Work with one of Realty World’s top Owners, Miguel Aguilar
  • Top technology and marketing tools
  • And much more…

So what does this mean to you?

Lets take for example a $10,000 commission at 90% to the agent, minus a 6% franchise fee, minus $300 in broker junk fees and you the agent is then left with $8,100. This means you just paid your broker $1,900 for that one transaction! Now multiply that by 12 transactions, one for each month of the year and you just paid your broker $22,800 in revenue. Wouldn’t you like to keep more of that in your pocket? You could give yourself a huge raise just by joining Realty World in Murrieta!

Realty World in Murrieta is offering a true 100% commission to their agents, with no gimmicks and no catch! So take the same scenario above and deduct $3588 (12 months of $299) and deduct another $1,560 (12 transactions at $130 per/transaction) from $22,800 and you’ve just given yourself a $17,652 raise per year!

So what are you waiting for?

Call our 100% Commission Hotline Today 866-428-1984

Get your career as a sales agent on the right path today, the path to 100% commission!

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