Be Honest: The Wheels on Your Real Estate Career Are Grinding to a Halt.

Resume Your Real Estate Career on the Right Track: We’re interviewing fully-licensed and seasoned agents who surround themselves with successful, self-starting, entrepreneurial- yet team-minded, clients and colleagues. Realty World and Associates Logo w/Phone

By now, you’ve seen your firm cut costs down to the bare basics of sales and marketing incentives and support over the past two years.  You have a clear picture of where they place their value personally and professionally.  And, the feeling that you may no longer be a fit is only getting stronger.  Have you taken the time to calculate what those changes have meant to your bottom line?

This market is revealing the truth about the core capabilities and philosophies of each company.  Brokers have evaluated what’s important to them and have cut away the rest.  Savvy agents are following suit.  As you explore your options, here’s some advice that we’re offering our friends in the industry.

How to Recruit Your Broker:

  1. Choose before you begin your search: a) Do you want to work for a firm who wants to invest in you and your experience? Or, b) Do you want to work for a firm willing to give any newcomer a chance?
  2. Listen for the broker’s list of benefits BEFORE you mention your desires.  Keep in mind most brokers only see dollar signs when you walk in.  Recruiters can be tempted to promise what you want, even in your own words, if you let them know too quickly.
  3. List top brokers in your area and begin asking everyone you know, “Have you heard good things about ABC Realty? I’m aligning myself with a company that invests in quality people, not some amateur assembly line operation.”  The feedback you receive from your close contacts and the buzz you could generate when they inquire for you or repeat your conversation is priceless.
  4. Conduct Intelligence Reconnaissance: Read up on each agency.  Go to Google and type your research subject in quotation marks.  This will bring up any press on that subject.
  5. Remember Your Comp Analysis: Know your worth and stand firm no matter what they offer up front. Be sure to let it slip that you’re interviewing several brokerages and that you would like to hear their final answer by the end of next week.

Walk In Confidently, Knowing: What you have in your favor is that every real estate office is looking at hiring in order to survive.  Start building your resource team of affiliated professionals who will give you great references and referrals.  Write down exactly what you want and choose to spend 25-40% of your time laying the groundwork for moving into a positive and profitable new partnership.

Better Yet: Skip all those steps, trust your instincts, and Resume Your Real Estate Career on the Right Track with the Results-Oriented Team at Realty World and Associates.  You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything you ever wanted to gain.  And, I can say that…because we’re being honest, right?

Ask Yourself: What are the characteristics of your ideal agency?  Realty World is looking for a few key players.  To honor devotion to the industry, we’re open to customizing our agent partnerships.  If it’s not you, can you refer us to an experienced realtor you know?

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